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How To Stay Young -- Grow Old Gracefully

As I continue to age, I regularly augment this page.
I have become much more sensitive to issues of aging.
I focus on what we can do to develop grace in the process.

Whatever your age, I hope this compilation will help you to continue
your good start in the aging process.

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Music in my life

Music has had a significant influence on my life.

I summarize its importance:

  1. Harvey Bingham Music Making
  2. Music Reference Materials
  3. Folksong Books

I encourage you to enjoy musical humor on my humor site -- see menu

Scientist and entrepreneur Stephen Wolfram

He postulates that incredibly complex structures can be randomly
generated from very simple items and equally simple rules when they
are run innumerable times on a computer.

This theory, based on the field of cellular automata,
underlies what Wolfram identified as a previously hidden order
to the universe in his book, "A New Kind of Science."

He includes an application: a demonstration of music synthesis in many styles.

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Tributes to Brad Washburn

On the evening of January 10, 2007 Brad Washburn died
at Brookhaven in Lexington, Massachusetts.
Many tributes to him are included in this reference.

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Accessibility Work

Attention to accessibility of all the information on web pages
gives a good impression, not only for those with full access
to the internet, but also for those who may be limited by their:

environment: too bright, too dark, to noisy, too shaky;
equipment: limited bandwidth, no visual display, audio/keypad interface;
disability: blind, low-vision, hearing-impaired, immobile.

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Bicycling in Lexington, Massachusetts

This is the shared website for the Lexington Bicycle Advisory Committee
and the Lexington Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway. I maintain this independently from the
town of lexington site, href="http://ci.lexington.ma.us" so I can revise it conveniently.

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I have surveyed and summarized many religions

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I identify a knot that is an improvement over the common knot used to tie shoelaces.

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I share personal stories and the conclusions I draw from them.

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Humor Helps Us Think Better

I have gathered ideas that I find humorous.
I have organized these under general, aging, computer, children, weather, and music topics.

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Favorite Websites

I identify tools for finding persons, travel websites, book sources,
shopping comparisons, auctions, old music, and web archives.

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Favorite Books

I summarize books on seventeen different topics from Aging to Global Warming that have inspired me.

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I enjoy taking digital images and contrast the two digital cameras I've used.

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Technical Papers

I made technical contributions to many areas, including developments that helped shape XML.

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Aging By Design Conference January 19, 2007

Shirley Jackson, President of RPI
and Al Gore -- "the 46th president!" were the keynote speakers.

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National Library Week 2005-04-02 to 2005-04-08

The Lexington Cary Memorial Library (CML) welcomed many in the community
to share in the National Library Week Celebration.

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Harvey Bingham's Resume

Objectives: Identify "electronic curbcuts" for XML applications and HTML
web sites to make them accessible to those with physical, equipment, bandwidth,
or situational constraints. Provide expert consulting advice on use of XML,
SGML, HTML, and associated styles to meet critical and significant client
documentation and accessibility needs.

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Contact Information

email: info@hbingham.com
Website: http://www.hbingham.com

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