Yuri Rubinsky (1952 -- 1996)
Wait, There's More

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Harvey Bingham, <info@hbingham.com>, posted this to comp.text.sgml, Feb. 17, 1996.

Recollections of Yuri Rubinsky, shared by and with many of his friends January 26-27, 1996. Eight years ago I learned to take notes whenever I was with Yuri. In what follows I don't have all the attributions complete, or the words exact. As they were offered in love of Yuri, I share what my notes captured of some heartfelt wonderful memories.

I am grateful for the many who have written so eloquently in comp.text.sgml. We all are enriched by knowing more of the breadth of Yuri's work, and the warmth of his friendships.

Wait, there's more is an inspiration for each of us to continue Yuri's vision just as he would have us do.

At Peter's Chung King Restaurant, College St, Toronto

Dave Gurney: Once when Yuri's office was to be moved and he had no time to pack an overflowing desk, Yuri suggested "can we shrink-wrap it?"

Murray Maloney: Family should come first. During his final phone conversation with Yuri Sunday afternoon, Murray's son Christopher interrupted to ask permission to go out. Yuri overheard, and suggested that Christopher should get acquainted with Peter and Kim Sharpe's son Graham.

Murray expands on the above: "Peter's family and mine have visited in the past. Yuri also said how much he enjoyed hearing Christopher's voice and how much it reminded him of Graham, so full of innocence, and the potential of life. He noted that Graham and Christopher could be good friends. All of this in the midst of one of the more serious business discussions that Yuri and I had ever had."

Liam Quin: Yuri made sure the ICADD capabilities were in HoTMetaL. Today about 3000 pages per day are being converted into Braille, based on ICADD.

Steve DeRose: The SGML World Tour CD-ROM included good work from folks throughout the SGML community. Yuri believed that there isn't anything we can't accomplish as an individual or organization if we set our minds to it.

Harvey Bingham: Yuri helped start SGML Open so we could all achieve more by working together. He worked on many standards so they would be better. We all grew from his presence and his ideas. We should collect his many "I've got an idea"s and build on them.

Ken Holman: Yuri was the most inclusive person. All felt happy to be his friend.

Marcie Thompson: Yuri taught: do things right and have fun doing them.

Steve Downey: Yuri never let up, he did so much.

Dana: Yuri would often say "That's Amazing!"

Judy: Yuri was so kind.

Charles Goldfarb: Yuri was such a help when I was physically unable to complete the SGML Handbook. He recognized that many at SoftQuad [and throughout the SGML community] needed its content, and so he provided the editorial talent to get it out.

Memorial Service

Holley Rubinsky: A phone call from Yuri: "I'm on my way home, and it doesn't get any better than that." Yuri found time for everyone. He was a collector and connector of people. He had broad tastes. Yuri was a generous mentor. He selected, gathered, and cherished. "When I turn out the lights to sleep, it's good to know you share this room."

Ian Brown: Yuri collected friends while others collected things.

Lawrence Campbell: Yuri treasured, respected, and loved people. He was kind and compassionate, with a quiet courteous manner that lifted people up. I shall pass through the world just once, so let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again. Yuri's work was important and benevolent. God has the best man on the job now. As Jesus said, "it is finished". Yuri brought joy to our lives. His death is like a sword piercing our hearts. We are thankful for what he started. He made a difference. He touched our hearts. He lives in the arms and mind of God. Holley, Yuri lives on as an angel on your shoulder. He has gone to prepare a heavenly home.

Charles Goldfarb: Yuri believed that anything that ought to be done could be done. He loved people and believed in them. His leadership work with the International Committee for Accessible Document Design will have major effect on many lives who will never know him. May our memories of Yuri never run out. Yuri was four lives high, eight lives wide, but only half a life long.

Bill Clarke: Yuri was not a closer. Picture the scene: Yuri had so mesmerized a business audience that they were standing, check books in hand, poised to sign, and Yuri would say "Wait, that's not all, there's more."

In guiding the Banff Publishing Workshop Yuri showed how to pull creative energies from others.

Yuri made a difference in the cause of accessibility.

Yuri treated each individual as a subject, not an object.

His life is a benediction for us.

Afterward at Marc and Sara Giacomelli's home

Douglas MacCleod: Yuri was a magical architect. He liked machines. He loved people. How well we can remember him.

Peter Sharpe: 30 years of memories. A recent one showed how Yuri enjoyed everyone. A phone call was answered by Peter and Kim's daughter Jaclyn. Peter, after a few minutes of spirited conversation, decided that she was talking with a young friend, and returned to his reading. A bit later in the call she asked him (Yuri's question) "Does HoTMetaL support Frames?".

Michael: Yuri was a great introducer. Every work experience with Yuri was a learning experience.

Eric Severson: SGML Open remains a tribute to Yuri's desire for free and open incorporation of SGML.

Doug Gibson: Yuri's system of management: keep people laughing all the time. They'll get more done. He brightened every room he entered. Yuri had so many to greet that he couldn't just pass through. Doug: "I can walk slower than this." Yuri: "So can I". Yuri wanted to keep all friendships in good repair.

Yuri the cartoonist:
A safe, a cafe, and a carafe arguing about pronounciation.
Yuri the game designer:
Create a new game with two phases: design its rules, then play by the design.


Anna Rubinsky: I never thought I'd have a good time at my son's funeral. There is so much joy in remembering Yuri.

Wait, That's not All, There's More.

Thankyou, Yuri.

Harvey Bingham


From Yuri's long-time friend Peter Sharpe, see SGML: Memory of Yuri Rubinsky (1952-1996).

Many more recollections from around the world may be found in Memories of Yuri Rubinsky (1952-1996), which has 52 links to tributes from others. We all cherished our experiences with Yuri.

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