Book Summaries

Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed,
and some few to be cherished and digested.
-- Francis Bacon

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Books on Aging

I summarize many books that have helped me learn more about the aging process.

Books On Environment

Books by Rachel Carlson, Edward O. Wilson, Bill McKibben,
Henry David Thoreau, Peter Jenkins, and Edwin Way Teale
which have had significant effect on environmental issues.

Topics in Nature

Topics include Gardens, US National Parks, Birds, Field Guides, Wild Flowers, Insects, Weather, New England, Butterflies and Moths, Universe.

Books on Bicycling and Hiking

Books on Rails-to-Trails in New England, Exploring in and around Boston on bike and foot, The Quotable Walker, Short Bike Rides in Eastern Massachusetts, New England Biking, John Forrester on Bicycle Transportation and on Effective Cycling, Fred Delong's Guide to Bicycles and Bicycling

Significant Summary Writing Collections

These books summarize the writings that their authors feel have shaped our collective knowledge. I am impressed by the care the authors have taken to distill so many significant writings and present them lucidly for the reader's benefit.

Books on Memory

I review books that have helped me understand how my mind works, and some that stretch it.

Photo Books

I have a long-time interest in photography, and have summarized books on photography, and on seeing photo opportunities.

Color and Visual Presentation

Color alone should not be a conveyor of information,
as it may exclude those who are blind, or those with color-blindness.

Effective visual presentation can make use of color,
if it not the only information conveyor.

Visual Presentation Edward R. Tufte has long been recognized
as the expert on effective presentation. He has taught me much.
His books are significant references.

Douglas R. Hofstadter Insights

Douglas R. Hofstadter writes entertainingly with much perception.

Books by Noam Chomsky

From his early works dealing with the syntax of languages,
to his more recent insightful commentaries on society,
I look forward to learning from him.

Books by Harold S. Kushner

Significant insight is shared in these books.

Books by or about John McCain

Simple Secrets Of Living

Dr. David Niven has compiled five books,
each with 100 simple secrets:

Books on Computer History

This compilation has been a good reflective exercise,
recalling what I've enjoyed with the common theme:
the history and evolution of computers.

Books on Web Accessibility

A major interest of mine is Accessibility to information on the Internet, and how to design and use text structuring markup. This markup often includes metadata about the content and structure that can help to make documents accessible to all.

Books on Web Usability

Usability is related to accessibility, but has an extended implication: that the user may wish to control the interaction with, and find whatever is important.

Books on Global Warming

A serious concern is the effect of global warming on our future.

Books on Music

Included are Music Reference Materials
and Folksong Books.