Books on Bicycling 1.6 2006-03-24

I maintain the "Bicycling in Lexington" website:

Bicycling in Lexington, Massachusetts.

I have enjoyed reading the following:

The Official Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Guidebook

New England: Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts,
Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine
Copyright © 2000 by the Globe Pequot Press
Cynthia Mascott, First edition
ISBN 0-7627-0449-7

Inside you'll find:

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Exploring in and around Boston on bike and foot

Copyright © 1996 Lee Sinai
Published by the Appalachian Mountain Club.
ISBN 1-8978239-50-3

This book provides detailed coverage of many interesting places,
well described, with maps by the author.
A Highlights Chart gives

Each chapter includes all you need for a great excursion:

Below is an outline of the book, indicating the number of paths
in each section by #x.

On Bike

On Road

Off Road

On Foot

Rear Matter

Appendix A. Alphabetical LIsting of Areas
Appendix B. Biking and Recreational Resources
Appendix C. Museums
About the Author
About the AMC

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The Quotable Walker

Copyright © 2000 by R.D. Walking Inc.
ISBN 1-58574-167-1

A fine, funny collection of insights from over 150 writers
about the physical and spiritual act of walking, compiled by
the editors of Walking Magazine.

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Short Bike Rides in Eastern Massachusetts

Copyright © 1982, 1988, 1991, 1994 by Howard Stone
ISBN 1-5644-303-0
An East Woods book


  1. Boston and Immediate Sububurbs
  2. The North Shore
  3. The Western Suburbs
  4. The South Shore
  5. Southeastern Massachusetts

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New England Biking

Foghorn Outdoors New England Biking
100 of the Best Road and Trail Rides
First Edition -- February 2005
Text Copyright © by Melissa L. Kim
ISBN 1-56691-744-1
ISSN 1553-5657


  1. Vermont
  2. New Hampshire
  3. Maine
  4. Massachusetts
  5. Connecticut
  6. Rhode Island


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Bicycle Transportation

Copyright © 1983 by John Forrester
ISBN 0-262-06085-X
394 pages

Chapter titles:

  1. Systematic Traffic Law
  2. Parameters of Practical Bicycling
  3. History and Demography of Cycling
  4. Cyclist Proficiency
  5. Accidents
  6. The Two Views of Cycling and the Cyclist Inferiority Complex
  7. The Effect of Bicyclists on Traffic
  8. The Effect of Bikeways on Traffic
  9. The Flow of Cycle Traffic
  10. The Economics of Cycling
  11. Cycling Organizations
  12. Education Programs
  13. The Practice of Cycling Transportation Engineering
  14. A recommended Transportation Program
  15. Changing Governmental Policy
  16. Law Enforcement
  17. Roads
  18. Bicycling Programs
  19. Improving Bicycling Facilities
  20. Changing Bicycling Traffic Law
  21. Standards, Specifications and Regulations for Biicycles
  22. Nighttime Protective Equipment
  23. Maps
  24. Conclusions
  25. Bibliography
  26. Index

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Effective Cycling

Copyright © John Forrester
Sixth Edition 1993, Second pringing 1994
MIT Press
ISBN 0-262-06159-7 (hc)
ISBN 0-262-56070-4 (pb)


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Complete Bike

Copyright © 2003 Forling Kindersley Limited
Text copyright © 2003 Chris Sidwells
ISBN 0-7566-1427-9
Choosing, riding, and maintaining your bike
Forward by Ned Overend


Delong's Guide to Bicycles and Bicycling

Copyright © 1974, 1978 by Fred De Long
ISBN 0-8019-5846-1 (hk)
ISBN 0-8019-6686-8 (pb)

Chapter Titles:

  1. The Sport of Bicycling
  2. What Kind of Bicycle Should I Buy?
  3. Comparison of Bicycling Tubing and Frame Construction
  4. Fitting the Bicycle -- Your Riding Position
  5. The Custom Frame
  6. Bicycle Inspection and Repairs
  7. The Parts of Your BIcuycle
  8. Rims and Tires
  9. Wheel Building
  10. Health Aspect of Bicycling
  11. Spacecraft with a Human Engine
  12. The Art of Bicycling
  13. See, Hear, and Be Seen
  14. Clothing, Rain Gear, and Head Protection
  15. Packing for Touring
  16. Tandeming
  17. Bicycling with Children
  18. Carrying and Protecting Your Bicycle
  19. Bicycling Societies and Organizations
  20. Sources of Information
  21. Sources of Supply
  22. Index

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