Color and Visual Presentation

Effective visual presentations can make use of color. However, color alone should not be a conveyor of information, as it may exclude those who are blind, and particularly those with color-blindness.

Color Insights

Color and the Computer
H. John Durrett, ed. Academic Press 1987,
ISBN 0-12-22521-1
Compilation of articles from 22 authors
"The wide availability of color displays now makes the use of color for information display routine. Unfortunately, what is also routine is the use of every possible color on a single display. This is frequently accompanied by inconsistent use of color in and between displays. The cumulative effect of such practices is to reduce a valuable means of information coding to an annoyance or a device that causes people to make mistakes."
Do you remember the color Blue
and other questions kids ask about blindness
Copyright © Sally Hobart Alexander 2000
ISBN 0-670-88043-4
Viking, Published by Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers

Visual Presentation

Edward R. Tufte has long been recognized as the expert on effective presentation. He has taught me much.

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
Copyright © 1983 by Edward R Tufte
Graphics Press, Box 430, Cheshire CT, 06410
Here I learned of 'chart-junk,' a profound self-descriptive concept.
Envisioning Information
Copyright © 1990 by Edward Rolf Tufte
Graphics Press
Post Office Box 430, Cheshire CT 06410
Visual Explanations, Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative
Copyright © 1997 by Edward Rolf Tufte
Published by Graphics Press,
Post Office Box 430, Cheshire CT 06410
The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint
Edward R Tufte, Graphics Press
July 2003
ISBN 0961392150
PPPhluff -- A stinging put-down of Power Point Presentations!
It includes and discusses the following superb parody:
The Lincoln Gettysburg Cemetery Dedication
Powerpoint Presentation created by Peter Norvig