Books On The Environnment

The Earth doesn't belong to man, man belongs to the Earth.
Whatever happens to the Earth happens to the sons of the Earth.
The sky, the lands which appear changeless and eternal may change.
Continue to foul the Earth and you will achieve an end to living
and the mere beginning of survival. You must teach your children
that the Earth is rich. Teach your children that to harm the Earth
is to heap contempt upon its Creator. -- Chief Seattle (1855)

Quoted by George Bush in Remarks at the Washington Centennial
Celebration in Spokane, September 19, 1989

A true conservationist is a man who knows that the
world is not given by his fathers but borrowed from his children.
-- John James Audubon

Six authors in particular have shared their significant insights on the environment:

Rachel Carlson

Silent Spring

Rachel Carlson
ISBN 051824-9060
Houghton Mifflin, October 2002
Postlude by Edward O Wilson

And No Birds Sing: Rhetorical Analyses of Silent Spring

Craig Waddell (editor)
ISBN 08093202196
Southern Illinois University Press
February 2000

Edward O. Wilson

The founder of the Boston Science Museum has been a long time
advocate for the protection of nature.

On Human Nature

Edward O. Wilson
Copyright © 1978 by the President and Fellows of Harvard College
ISBN 0-674-63441-1 (cloth)
ISBN 0-674-63442-X (paper)
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction
"Compellingly interesting and enormously important ...
The most stimulating, the most provocative, and the
most illuminating work of nonfiction I have read
in some time." -- William McPherson, Washington Post

The Diversity of Life

Copyright © 1992 by Edward O. Wilson
The Belknap Press
of Harvard University Press 1992
ISBN 0-674-21298-3

The Diversity of Life
Copyright © 1999, 1992 by Edward O. Wilson
ISBN 0-393-31940-7
W.W.Norton & Company, Inc.

New forword Biodiversity at the Close of the Century
which addresses the exploson of the field of conservation biology
and takes a clear-eyed look at the work still to be done.


The Unity of Knowledge
Copyright © 1998 by Edward O. Wilson
ISBN 0-679-76867-x (Vintage)
"An original work of synthesis ... a program of unrivalled ambition:
to unify all the major branches of knowledge -- sociology, economics,
the arts and religion --- under the banner of science." -- The New York Times

The Future of Life

Copyright © 2002 by E.O.Wilson
ISBN 0-697-76811-4

This book is the subject of Lexington Reads, a town-wide
reading program in Lexington MA.
In January 2005 about 700 gathered to hear the author
present his message. Discussion groups are continuing about this book.

"This book is a critical report card for planet Earth,
an urgent manifesto on global action, and eloquent plea. ...
A literate even poetic recounting of current scientific information
that is readily accessible to the lay readers.
A more engaging and pursuasive single volume
on this critical subject is difficult to imagine."
-- Seattle Post-intelligencer

The Creation

An Appeal to Save Life on Earth

Copyright © 2006 by Edward O. Wilson
ISBN 13: 978-0-303-06217-6 (HC)
ISBN 10: 0-393-06217-1
WW.W.Norton & Company, Inc.
500 Fifth Ave,
New York, NY 10110

The Creation is a passionate and persuasive plea that people of faith join biologists in and all-lt effort to protect the Creation -- the world's rapidly decaying biodiversity. -- Francisco J. Ayala, UCal Irvine


  1. The Creation -- seven parts
  2. Decline and Redemption -- three parts
  3. What Science Has Learned -- three parts
  4. Teaching the Creation -- three parts
  5. Reaching Across -- one part

Pg 98 In 2000 Conservation Internation sponsored a conference of biologists and economists, entitled "Defying Nature's End." They concluded that in order to put a protective umbrella over the twenty-five hottest spots on the land then recognized (nine more have since been added), plus core areas within the remaining tropical forest wilderness, those of the Amazon and Congolian basins and New Guinea, would require one payment of about $30 billion. The benefits, if the allotment is joined by with investment strategy and foreign policy, would be substantial protectioh for 70 percent of the eatrth's land-dwelling fauna and flora. ... That outlay could be met by eliminating the perverse subsidies given to the fishing industry, which fall between $15 ad $30 billion annually -- and are responsible in the first place for the overharvesting and falling yield of preferred species.

Pg 118 The number of species of organisms discoverd to date, all known plants, animals, and microorganisms, lies somewhere between 1.5 and 1.8 million.... Each person's entire body harbors more bacterial cells than human cells.

So we are but one of many species on a little-known planet.

Bill McKibben

The End of Nature

Copyrignt © 1992 by Bill McKibben
ISBN 0-394-57601-2 (hard)

"The greenhouse effect is a more apt name than those who coined
it imagined. The carbon dioxide and trace gases act like the panes of
glass on a greenhouse -- the analogy is accurate. But it's more than that.
We have built a greenhouse, a human creation, where once there bloomed a sweet and wild garden." -- Pg 91

The Age of Missing Information

Copyright © 1992 by Bill McKibben
ISBN 0-394-57601-2
Random House, Inc.

Addresses the total content of a single day's programming from
all 93 channels of TV offerings in Fairfax, VA.
He contrasts that with 24 hours atop an Adirondack mountain,
watching insects and vultures, cliombing trees, and swimming
in a frigid mountain pool. ... witty, insightful, and enmeshed
with a love of learning and introspection,
The Atge of Missing Information is a virtuoso argument
for the notion that less is more.
After reading it, you'll never look at your
television -- or your world -- the same way again. -- from the book jacket.

Enough: Staying Human in an Engineered Age

Bill McKibben
Henry Holt & Co, April 2003
ISBN 0-805-07096-6

Wandering Home

Copyrignt © 2005 by Bill McKibben
ISBN 0-609-61073-2 (hard)
Crown Journeys, Crown Publishing Group
a division of Random House, Inc.
From Ripton, Vermont west to his former home by Garnet Lake
in the Adirondacks... A wise and hopeful book that helps us
understand our place in the natural world.

Henry Thoreau

I have summarized twelve of his writings on a separate page.

Edwin Way Teale

North With The Spring

Edwin Way Teale
The first season

Journey into Summer

Copyright © 1960 Edwin Way Teale
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 60-11923
Dodd, Mead & Company, New York
From sunrise at Franconia, Niagara Falls, prairie dogs,
night of falling stars, parade of dusty turtles,
stone dragonflies, high tundra, etc.

A naturalist's record of a 19,000 mile journey through
the North American Summer, with photographs by the author.

Autumn Across America

Copyright © 1956 by Edwin Way Teale
ISBN 0-312-04455-0
Orinally published Dodd, Mead, 1981
A Naturalist's record of a 20,080-mile journey
through the north american autumn.
with photographs by the author. (49 illustrations.)

Wandering Through Winter

Copyright © 1957, 1965 Edwin Way Teale
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 65-23773
A naturalist's record of a 20,000 mile journey through
the North American Winter, with photographs by the author.

The Wilderness World of John Muir

Copyright © 1954 by Edwin Way Teale
ISBN 0-618-12751-8 (pbk)
The essential selection of writings by the
"most celebrated celebrator of nature in America" -- Commentary
Dedicated to the Sierra Club, the Wilderness Socity, the
National Parks Association
and all those who are fighting the good fight
to preserve what John Muir sought to save.

Peter Jenkins

A Walk Across America

Copyright © 1979 by Peter Jenkins
ISBN 0-688-033427-6
This first half of the journey starting from Alfred, New York
on October 15, 1973 with his dog Cooper, and went to New Orleans
on April 11, 1975 and the Gulf of Mexico,
There he met the young seminarian Barbara Jo Pennell,
and married her.

The Walk West

copyright © 1981 by Peter and Barbara Jenkins
ISBN 0-688-00666-3
This second half of the journey starts July 5, 1976 in New Orleans and ends January 18, 1979 in Florence, Oregon.

Mankind and the Turning Point

To Future Generations
Mihajlo Mesarovic and Eduard Pestel
The Second Report to THe Club of Rome
Copyright © 1974 by Mihajlo Mesarovic and Eduard Pestel
ISBN 0-525-15230-X cloth
ISBN 0-525-03945-7 paper

The most elaborate effort to make computer-based projections
of long-range world developments.

An enormous step forward in our understanding of the essence
of the worst bottlenecks our world is facing.