Book about Citizen McCain

Copyright © 2002 by Elizabeth Drew
ISBN 0-7432-3002-7
"If we have the votes and the guts, we'll prevail."

Books by John McCain 2006-03-10

Character is Destiny

Inspiring Stories Every Young Person Should Know
and Every Adult Should Remember
Copyright © 2005 by John McCain and Marshall Salter
ISBN 1-4000-6412-0

In Seven Parts, gives inspiring stories of 34 remarkable people who have made a difference. I strongly recommend learning from their lives.

It is your character, and yor character alone, that will make your life happy or unhappy. ... Others can encourage you to make the right choices or discourage you. But you alone choose.

Part One: Honor
Honesty Thomas More
Respect Gandhi
Authenticity Joan of Arc
Loyalty Sir Ernest Shackleton
Dignity Viktor Frankl

Part Two: Purpose
Idealism Sojourner Truth
Righteousness Romeo Dallaire
Citizenship Pat Tillman
Diligence Winston Churchill
Responsibility Lord Nelson and His Lieutenants
Cooperation John Wooden

Part Three: Strength
Courage Edith Cavell
Self-Control Georege Washington
Confidence Eliszbeth I
Resilience Abraham Lincoln
Industry Eric Hoffer
Hopefulness John Winthrop

Part Four: Understanding
Faith Christian Guard at Hua Lo Prison
Compassion Maximilian Kolbe
Mercy Mother Antonia
Tolerance The Four Chaplains
Fortgiveness Nelson Mandella
Generosity Oseola McCarthy

Part Five: Judgement
Fairness Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Humility Dwight D. Eisenhower
Gratitude Tecumseh
Humor Mark Twain
Courtesy Aung san Suu Kyi

Part Six: Creativity
Aspiration Ferdinand Magellan
Discrernment Leonardo da Vinci
Curiosity Charles Daarwin
Enthusiasm Theodore Roosevelt
Excellence Wilma Rudolph

Part Seven: Love
Selfishness and Contentment Mother Teresa


Other Books by John MeCain and Marshall Salter

Faith of My Fathers
A family memoir
Copyright © 1999 by John McCain and Mark Salter
ISBN 0-376-60191-6

Why Courage Matters
The Way To A Braver Life
Copyright © 2004 by John McCain with Marshall Salter
ISBN 1400050303

Man of the People
The life of John McCain
Copyright © 2003 by Paul Alexander
ISBN 0-471-22829-X
Contents: Pages
Prologue 4
Admiral McCain 14
Anchors Away 26
Vietnam 40
Coming Home 17
The Congressman from Arizona 11
One Hundred Kings 38
The Senator from Arizona 41
Presidential Politics 39
"The Dirtiest Race I've Ever Seen 33
The Best Man 54
Man of the People 29
Epilog 3
Source Notes 23
Index 7

John McCain
An American Odyssey
Excerpted and Expanded from the National
Bestseller, The Nightingale's Song
Copyright © 1995, 1999 by Robert Timberg
ISBN 0-684-86794-X

Contents: Pages
Author's Note 2
Prologue 6
The Punk 17
Halos and Horns 12
Fields of Fire 10
Fire at Sea 10
The Crown Prince 12
'Tis the Season to Be Jolly 5
Long Tall Sally 6
Reentry 15
Guerrilla Warfare 11
The Candidate from Hanoi 9
The Shadow of Vietnam 3
The White Tornado 16
Halos and Horns Redux 3
Bahama Mamas on the Beach 11
The Road Back 12
Epiloge 7
A Not4e on Research Methods 1
Notes 8
Bibliography 9
Interviews 2
Index 8