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I have been inspired by Henry David Thoreau, and have gathered many of his writings that further my understanding of his life, times, and his significant insights. Nearby Walden Pond is a fine memorial to his life.


The 150th anniversary illustrated edition of Walden
foreword © 2004 by Edward O. Wilson
Color photographs © 2004 by Scot Miller
ISBN 0-618-45717-8

America the Beautiful

In the Words of
Henry David Thoreau
Copyright © 1966 by Country Beautiful Foundation

Faith in a Seed

Copyright © 1993 by Island Press
illustrations © 1993 by Abigail Rorer ISBN 1-55963-181-3
The first publication of Thoreau's last manuscript.

Thoreau's Living Ethics

Walden and the Pursuit of Virtue
Philip Calaro
copyright © 2004 by the Universaity of Georgia Press
ISBN 0-8203-2610-0
Preface, Acknowledgements
Chapters: The Challenge
Solitude and Society

Wild Fruits

Thoreau's Rediscovered Last Manuscript
Copyright © 2000 by Bradley P. Dean New Illustrations © 2000 by Abigail Rorer ISBN 0-393-04751-2

Thoreau, A Book of Quotations

Copyright © 2002 by Dover Publications, Inc.
ISBN 0-486-41428-0
More than 450 excerpts from Thoreau's writings.

The Maine Woods

Hrenry D. Thoreau
ISBN 0-691-01404-3
Copyright © 1972 by Princeton University Press
Map copyright © 1970 by Princeton University Press
Afterword © 1974 by Princeton University Press
Originally published in 1865.

The Heart of Thoreau's Journals

Copyright © 1927 by Houghton Mifflin Company
Copyright © 1954 by Odell Shephard
Copyright © 1961 by Dover Publications, Inc.
ISBN 0-486-20741-2
xii + 228 pages

Henry Thoreau, A Life Of The Mind

Robert D. Richardson, Jr.
Copyright © 1986 by
The Regents of the University of California
ISBN 0-520-05495-4 (cloth)
ISBN 0-520-06346-5 (pbk.)
Nine chapters, covering the period 1837 Return to Concord
through 1854-1862 The Economy of Nature

Walden and Resistance to Civil Government

Copyright © 1992, 1996 by W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. ISBN 0-393-95905-8
Second Edition -- Texts of both Walden and
Resistance to Civil Government
with critical comments
Also Selections from the Journal 1845-54
Reviews and Essays in Criticism

Autumnal Tints

Henry David Thoreau
ISBN 11-55709-442-X
Thoreau's Classic Essay on the Colors of Fall
First published in the October 1862 Atlantic Monthly.

Selections From The Journals

Henry David Thoreau
Dover Thrift Editions
Copyright © 1995 by Dover Publications, Inc.
ISBN 0-486-28760-2
Text is taken from The Journal of Henry D. Thoreau
edited by Bradford Torrey and Francis H. Allen
Houghton Mifflin Co. 1906

Civil Disobedience and Other Essays

Copyright © 1993 by Dover Publications, Inc.
ISBN 0-486-272563-9 (pbk.)i
Civil Disobedience (1849)
Slavery in Massachusetts (1862)
A Plea for Captain John Brown (1860)
Walking (1862)
Life without Principle (1863)

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The Thoreau Institute at Walden Woods Library

Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

Henry David Thoreau 1817-1862

Quotations by Author -- Henry David Thoreau

Hardly a man takes a half hour's nap after dinner,
but when he wakes he holds up his head and asks,
"What's the news?"
as if the rest of mankind had stood his sentinels. -- Walden