Books on Usability

Usability is related to accessibility,
but has an extended implication:
that a user can control the interaction,
and find whatever is important.
See my Books on Web Accessibility

User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0,

W3C Recommendation 17 December 2002
I've helped identify these issues while participating in
The World Wide Web -- Web Accessibility Initiative
-- User Agent Working Group.

Designing Web Usability, The Practice of Simplicity

Jakob Nielsen, New Rider Publishing 1999,
ISBN 1-56205-810-X
"Comprehensive overview of the practical problems
to be solved in web site design; the "what" and the "how".

Usability: The Site Speaks For Itself

Kellly Braun -- User Engineering Team, EBay
Max Gadney -- Head of Design, BBC News Online
Matthew Haughey -- Creator,
Adrian Roselli -- VPres Interactive Media, Algonquin Studios
Don Synstelien -- Creator,
Tom Walter -- Exec Creative Director,
David Wertheimer -- Design Director,
Copyright © 2002 Glasshaus, Ltd.
ISBN 1-904151-03-5
This book is about web usability by the site designers.
Introduction by Molly E. Holzschlag.
No mention of W3C Usability guidelines.

Design Wise

Alison J. Head, Information Today, Inc. 1999,
ISBN 0-9110965-38-0
A guide for evaluating the interface design of information
resources, Addresses ease of use of web resources, includes
consideration for users with special needs.

Web Site Usability: a Designer's Guide

Jared M. Spool, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc, 1999,
ISBN 1-55860-569-X
"The bottom line for web design is still to provide
useful content in a format that works the way people think."

Access by Design

A Guide to Universal Usability for Web Designers
Copyright © 2006 by Sartah Horton
ISBN 0-321-31140-X
Front matter
15 Chapters
Rear matter

Web Style Guide, Basic Design Principles for Creating Web Sites

Patrick J. Lynch and Sarah Horton, Yale University 1999,
ISBN 0-300-07675-4
Provides advice on creating well-designed, effective web sites, applies classic design principles to web site design.

The Handbook of Phonetic Sciences

Edited by William J. Hardcastle and John Laver
Copyright © 1997 Blackwell Publishers Ltd.
ISBN 0-631-21478-X (pbk: alk; paper)
This is an important book, which does much to make accessible the current
state of knowledlge in an increasingly significant discipline.
-- Geoffrey Sampson

The guidance in this book is important for speech synthesis,
as used in text-to-speech applications.

Affective Computing

Rosiland W. Picard
Copyright © 1997 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
ISBN 0-262-16170-2 (hc: alk. paper)

Affective computing relates to, arises from, or deliberately influences emotions. It includes ways to recognize and respond intelligently to human emotions.