Lexington Bridge School to Coppersmyth Path Construction

Thanks to the 31 volunteers who worked Saturday, October 27, we now have a fine 1/4 mile path connecting the town easement in the Coppersmyth Condominiums to the Bridge School play-field. The path has two walkways over wetlands, two bridges over brooks, and (mostly) cleared brush, stumps, roots, and trees that were encroaching the path. Nice work, everyone.

Project Manager Merita Hartshorn did fine work smoothly moving this project through the political process from proposal to town meeting, planning board to require the easement, and the conservation commission to permit wetlands crossing.

Project Engineer Mike Tabaczynski prepared the detailed construction plans, purchased, and pre-cut the wood, and marked it for moving to the proper bridge/walkway site.

Noonan and McDowell, Inc. provided their wetlands delineation expertise.

Paul Peaslee brought the New England Mountain Bike Association trailer full of tools. Their other experienced members David Kleinschmidt, Chris and Jesse Harris, (as well as Mike Tabaczynski) gave immeasurable help.

The Lexington Department of Public Works, through Dave Pinsonneault, furnished the needed nails, bolts, and their portable generator.

Dominos Pizza furnished lunch. Alexander's Pizza offered additional ones. Both were arranged through Erna Greene. Marita Hartshorn provided sodas.

Betty Eddison continues her support through financial aid from the Blossom Fund.

Jack Sewell, a Bridge School student drove the last nail in the last deck, while four men on that crew watched. We should have had a golden spike!

All are invited to join the Lexington Friends of the Bikeway: Please contact its chairman, Jim Wichmann, at 718-862-1158. We encourage development of alternative transportation in Lexington, such as this new path.

Regards/Harvey Bingham, member
The Lexington Friends of the Bikeway
Lexington Bicycle Advisory Committee