Minuteman riding bicycle

Lexington Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway

This friendly Minuteman enjoys riding on the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway.

Many people in Lexington and the surrounding towns use their bicycles on designated paths. Care for these paths is provided by members of the Friends of the Bikeway.

The Friends of the Bikeway Letter from the 1996-1998 chair, Jerry Van Hook, addresses the mission of this organization.

Ongoing Responsibilities

Stewards help keep the Minuteman Bikeway clean and inviting. Please do your part. Contact Jim Wichmann if you are willing to help.

Ongoing maintenance includes trash pickup, invasive plant removal, and keeping the paths and their edges safe and free of overgrowth so joggers can use those edges as easier on their feet.

The Lexington portion of the Minuteman Bikeway has five stewards, each in charge of their section. Stewards schedule work among those in their neighborhood who do that ongoing work.

Special Projects

Bike Racks
We have selected and standardized on the Cora Bike Racks for commercial installation. We have purchased several. We thanked Jerry Slack, of the Cycle Loft and Tom Fortmann for contributing others.
We added Safety Signs in Lexington Center reminding cyclists that there is no riding permitted on the sidewalks in business district.
Trail Building
Thirty-two volunteers built a new trail on 2001-10-27 from Bridge School to the Coppersymth Condominiums. It included two bridges and two raised walkways over wetlands, and path-clearing through town land. The purpose of this trail is to encourage safe off-street walking to school, and relieve the heavy automobile traffic to the School.
Since that initial effort, we have built many additional wetlands crossings, including:
Members support other bikeway developments throughout the region by attending meetings where these projects are being planned, and sharing our experience and enthusiasm.
Joint Meetings
We organize and participate in joint meetings with similar organizations in surrounding towns.
Cleanup Parties
We advertise and hold spring and fall cleanup Saturday mornings for the entire Lexington portion of the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway.


The Charter for the Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway provides the expectations for this organization. The charter is being updated.

For contrast, compare with the Charter for the Lexington Bicycle Advisory Committee (LBAC).


See themembership application, and follow instructions thereon. Note that contributions to the Friends is tax-deductible, as it is managed as a special Lexington fund.

Many people are active in both the Friends and the LBAC.


The Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway meet on the second Thursday of the even months of the year at 7:30 p.m. in Lexington Town Hall room G-15. Visitors are welcome. Several members represent bicycle interests in surrounding towns.

(On that second Thursday evening, at the same time and place on the odd months of the year the Lexington Bicycle Advisory Committee meets.)

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