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Jack Eddison Tribute

Lexington is the beneficiary of the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway, its linear park, linking Bedford to Arlington along the old railbed. This may be largely credited to Jack Eddison, along with Lexingtonians Angela Frick and Tom Fortmann, and Arlingtonian Alan McClennan.

The Arlington section was the first to be completed. The national rail-trail celebration of this, the Minuteman trail, was the 500th rails-to-trails path, linking Arlington, Lexington, and Bedford, was held Saturday October 3, 1992. Jack was honored then.

"Jack Eddison devoted hours and days to the successful completion of the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway from 1984 until his death in early 1993. He both led Lexington's efforts in support of the Bikeway and represented Lexington on State Bikeway Advisory Committees. It delighted him to be part of the Lexington contingent when the first section of the Bikeway was dedicated in Arlington on October 3, 1992.

It was always Jack's hope that young and old citizens would use the Bikeway all year long for recreation, exercise, and commuting on bicycles, feet, roller blades, or in strollers as well as on skis."

In January 1993 his wife Betty Eddison shared with us on the Lexington Bicycle Advisory Committee that when she told Jack that they were cross-country skiing on the bikeway, he had one of his last smiles. This tribute to Jack Eddison is located at the small memorial garden by the entrance to the municipal parking lot behind depot square.

Jack Eddison
Memorial Bikeway Jack Eddison portrait by Donald Lanson. Gift to the town of Lexington with admiration and gratitude to Jack Eddison, an extraordinary friend to culture and the arts in our community.

Gift of the Lexington Council For The Arts, 1994

This portrait hangs in the hallway outside the Lexington selectman's meeting room.
Jack Eddison
This drinking fountain and dog watering dish is beside the depot. It was placed here by Betty Eddison in memory of Jack. It also serves as a source to water the Jack Eddison garden. drinking fountain Lexington Town Hall, where Jack Eddison spent many years as a Selectman, beyond the flowering crab apple in front of post office is the green memorial maple tree to Jack Eddison.

November 4, 1919 - January 22, 1993 Jack Eddison
He loved Lexington. From his many friends in Lexington. Memorial Plaque under memorial maple tree.
Eddison tree by town hall
Jack Eddison Memorial Plaque
The Blossom Fund was established by Betty Eddison as a source for funding special projects by the Lexington Bicycle Advisory Committee and the Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway. The Coppersmyth Trail goes from the Coppersmyth condominiums through wetlands and includes several boardwalks leading to the Bridge School. This sign is at the entrance from the playfield behind the school. Coppersmyth trail These Jack Eddison Memorial Minuteman Bikeway signs appear several places along the bikeway; this one near Hartwell Avenue. sign
Alan McClennen from Arlington, and Tom Fortmann from Lexington were major contributors to the planning and completion of the Minuteman commuter bikeway. Another major contributor was Angela "Jere" Frick. who brought her extensive knowledge of the Lexington conservation lands and wetlands to assure our works met the conservation needs. Alan
 McLennan and Tom Fortmann The Cary Memorial Library includes the Eddison Technology Center. Note the accessible braille signs that are models for other room-identifiers. Eddison-tech-center

This tribute to Jack Eddison was begun by Harvey Bingham, May 21, 2005, and updated August 5, 2006.
It is available on the Lexington Bikeway site at: Jack Eddison tribute

Betty Eddison Tribute

Betty Eddison died July 31, 2006. Here is her obituary from the Boston Globe It is also available on the Lexington Bikeway site at: Betty Eddison Obituray

It is augmented to describe Betty's encouragement of volunteering in Lexington, by recognizing more than 2,000 volunteers,