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Boardwalks and Bridges Crossing Lexington Wetlands to Schools

The Lexington Bicycle Advisory Committee (LBAC) and the Lexington Friends of the Bikeway (FOB) have an ongoing program to provide safe access to neighborhood schools without requiring car rides.

We have completed projects at Diamond Middle School, Harrington School, and Bridge School. Mike Tabaczynski has been the designer for these projects.

In 2001 the LBAC applied for and received a state grant to cover materials for the construction of boardwalks at Diamond Middle School and a bridge at Harrington School. Volunteers have done the construction. See: Building Trails to Schools in Lexington Massachusetts 2002-10-07.

Diamond Middle School

The most recent projects added two boardwalks.

Longfellow Road toward Diamond Boardwalk

Saturday September 14, 2002 we built a boardwalk 192 feet long along the west side of Willards Woods near the entrance off Longfellow Road. Helping were thirty folks from the neighborhood, members of the New England Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA), LBAC, and FOB.

Longfellow wetlands The former crossing was single planks through the wetlands. (in the background), now almost hidden by trimmings placed at the edge of the new path. The trail was rerouted from that former wetlands crossing, and approved by the Lexington Conservation Commission. constructing boardwalk near Longfellow Rd Footings were sunk to sound ground in advance by LBAC members. Most trail clearing was done in advance with help from Americorp youth. Additional trail construction including sawing fallen trees and removing many roots and stumps, occurred concurrently with construction. See a portion of the final construction there.

Diamond Wetlands Boardwalk

Saturday September 21, 2002 a boardwalk 144 feet long was installed across the wetlands immediately off the Diamond School parking lot, crossing to the hill to the west. During the prior week, footings were sunk by LBAC members to solid ground below the wetlands. Twenty-five workers helped, from much the same group. Contrast the prior plank crossing.

prior plank crossing

The original overgrown crossing, up to six feet tall, and obscuring the planks.

prior plank crossing The prior narrow, single-plank crossing didn't have enough use to keep down the overgrowth. New boardwalk The new boardwalk.

Harrington Elementary School

Harrington Bridge Saturday September 14, 2002 a 20-foot bridge was built to provide access using a Lexington easement from the south into Harrington School.

Bridge Elementary School

Saturday October 20, 2001 we created a path with four boardwalks/bridges from the Coppersmyth entry easement to the Bridge School play-field. Materials were purchased with funds from the Blossom Fund, thanks to Betty Eddison.

See the Article by Mike Trabaczynski: Greater Boston NEMBA Helps Build Trail Access to Lexington School.

Bridge Crew The construction crew. Coppersmyth Entry Entrance to easement at Coppersmyth. boardwalk Low boardwalk. Angled bridge Angled bridge.