Lessons from a Squirrel

Sister Mary Olch gave me a large dried sunflower head for Christmas 2001. I wired it to a tree branch outside our window, expecting that birds would find it.

Instead, a squirrel found it, and while perched on the branch above, reached down over the hard head, and ate seeds from top third of it. The droppings attracted three cardinals and several sparrows.

Next day the squirrel returned, simplified access by removing the top third of the hard head, and ate another third of the seeds. More birds came to enjoy the excess. The third day the squirrel finished the seeds. Later I removed all that remained of that seed head -- shells without kernels.

Three Cardinals
three cardinals
Just a Memory
Just A Memory
What the Squirrel Left
What the squirrel left

Lessons from a Squirrel

Find worthy objectives.
Plan to achieve them.
Simplify the obstacles.
Share with others.
Save some for tomorrow.

These reminded me of what our son Paul learned from his encounters with a squirrel at our bird-feeder years ago when we lived in Pennsylvania.

On January 12, 2004 the temperature was -6 degrees F. I watched eight grey squirrels cavorting in the woods next door, snow flying off branches as they passed over them.

Harvey Bingham, original text 2002-03-05,
added pictures 2002-12-15, 2003-03-06,
edited text 2003-04-30, 2004-01-16, and 2004-06-14.

President Ronald Reagan, when he left the White House, left a sign in the yard Dogs: beware of the squirrels. -- Related by President George Bush in his eulogy to President Reagan, 2004-06-12

An extensive website on squirrels is BBI Squirrel World. Enjoy.

Yo, Paghat, How Do I Keep Squirrels From Eating All the Cherries? gives a dozen ways, tongue in cheek.